International practices to prevent trespass and suicide incidents

In 2019 the Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation conducted a review of current international practices in the prevention of trespass and suicide/ self-harm incidents on urban rail systems and explored the findings with ACRI participants in discussion forums.

The report includes a tabulated summary of the literature in relation to:

  • Physical design:  physical barriers, design of rolling stock, lighting at stations etc
  • Media guidelines
  • General education program:  including rail safety presentations and public service announcements
  • Identification of ‘hotspots’ and introduction of controls at ‘hotspots’
  • Control systems framework/approach for organisational management
  • Signage:  including installation of warning and prohibitive signs, posters , advertising helpline numbers
  • Collaboration with other stakeholders/entities;  including partnering with law enforcement agencies, local leaders and mental health support agencies
  • Education programs for rail staff
  • Monitoring and/or detection systems: systems that detect trespass or violation of a boundary
  • Engaging with lived experience individuals:  involvement with persons who have attempted or considered railway suicide or an individual who has experience of another person’s suicide
  • Community survey.

The review found numerous gaps in the literature.

A summary of the report is available here .

The literature review is available here

The report of the discussion forums is available here.