TrackSAFE is currently taking registrations for ‘Train the Trainer’ 2 day workshops to enable trainers from within rail organisations to deliver updated courses that align with the 2023 Rail Industry Trauma Management Framework. Trainers who have completed the workshop and related activities will be Approved to deliver three courses:

  1. Psychological First Aid for first responders
  2. Psychological First Aid for managers
  3. Coping with trauma

Places at Train the Trainer (TTT) workshops are currently available for the following dates:

  • Wednesday 17 – Thursday 19 July 2024 – Melbourne
  • Wednesday 16 – Thursday 17 October 2024 – Melbourne

Phoenix Australia have developed and will deliver this training on behalf of the TrackSAFE Foundation.

The training fee for the 2 day workshop is $1,650. This fee includes: the 2 days of training, training materials, a 45 minute feedback session following the workshop and 5 x 1.5 hour Community of Practice information sharing and skill development sessions for 12 months following the workshop.

Persons interested in becoming an Approved Rail Trainer will have some or all of the following core competencies:

  • knowledge of trauma impact and support (eg supporting individuals who have experienced trauma)
  • understanding of mental health and wellbeing within the context of the rail industry
  • interpersonal skills, including active listening, empathy and cultural sensitivity
  • strong facilitation skills tailored to managing group dynamics and creating inclusive discussions.

The person will also need to have the capacity and organisational support to participate in initial and maintenance TTT activities.

More information about the TTT process and trainer requirements is available here.

Please email to register your interest in attending one of these workshops and/or to arrange an in-house train the trainer workshop or end user workshops and/or be kept informed about the availability of the new training materials.

Psychological First Aid for managers, supervisors and first responders

There are two versions of this 3-4 hour training program: one for first responders and the other for managers and supervisors.

The training covers:

  • What is trauma support
  • The impact of trauma
  • Coping with trauma
  • Help-seeking
  • Trauma support
  • Roles of different staff in relation to potentially traumatic events
  • Self care.

This program is based on a significant update of the previous Support after trauma training program.

This 3-4 hour training program provides information to help employees before, during and after a potentially traumatic event. It aims to strengthen resilience so that employees are well prepared if they experience or are exposed to an incident.

The training covers:

  • the impact of trauma
  • risk factors for not coping following a traumatic event
  • recovery patterns
  • self-care including strategies for managing strong emotions, depression, anxiety and avoiding alcohol and drugs
  • how to get help
  • developing a personal coping plan including combatting the myths about coping, helpful thinking, getting support, tips following a traumatic event.

This program is based on an update of the previous Coping with trauma training program.

An e-learning version of the 2019 edition of this program is available. Please contact TrackSAFE for further information

Updated 26 March 2024

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