Stand Back. Look Up. Stay Rail Safe.

A moment of distraction can change your life forever, so when travelling on or around rail:

  • Turn down distractions.
  • Take off your headphones & look up from your phone.
  • Look up & stand behind the gate at pedestrian crossings.
  • Stand behind the yellow line.
  • Hold onto handrails.

Rail Safety Ambassador, Vanessa Low OAM

Paralympian and rail accident survivor Vanessa Low OAM knows first hand the impact of a moment of distraction. When Vanessa was 15, she fell from an overcrowded platform & into the path of an oncoming train. Vanessa lost both her legs in the accident. Vanessa shares her lived experience to help remind the community of the importance of staying safe on and around rail.

Level Crossing Safety

Trains can’t swerve & can take up to 14 football fields to stop. Don’t try to beat a train; ensure there is enough time for you to safely cross tracks.

For pedestrians, look up from your phone, take off your headphones and stand behind the gate.

For motorists, always ensure there is enough space for your vehicle on the other side of a level crossing before making the decision to cross.

Tram/light rail safety

Road users – always check blind spots – particularly to your right – before crossing light rail tracks. Give trams some space & take care when you drive around them.

Pedestrians – be aware of your surroundings. Take off your headphones and look up from your mobile phone when walking around trams or across light rail tracks.

Passengers – always look to make sure the road is clear when exiting a tram at a kerbside stop.

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