We’re never too young (or old) to learn how to stay safe on and around rail.

Rail safety is an essential life skill. All children are likely to come across trains, trams or light rail and their tracks either in the city or country at some stage in their lives. TrackSAFE and the rail industry’s education resources are designed for different age groups to assist teachers and educators, parents and community members deliver rail safety messages.

Early Childhood

Download our Thomas & Friends education kit, designed for preschool & early childhood educators to teach safety on and around rail.

Primary School Years 1 – 6

TrackSAFE has prepared teacher resources including individual lesson plans and supporting resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Secondary School Years 7 – 10

TrackSAFE’s high school resources are designed to help young people learn how to be safe, active, responsible citizens on and around the rail network.

Rail operators and state governments have a variety of education resources available below. Some also offer rail safety sessions in schools or excursions to rail facilities.

Welcome to Tracksville – an animation highlighting how to stay safe on and around rail.

Transport for NSW aims to educate school students and the community to travel safely on and around trains and stations.

Resources available here.

This resource features the video game Minecraft and is targeted to primary school students.

The game delivers rail safety messages with a focus on level crossings.

Right Track is a Public Transport Authority (PTA) program that’s all about safer travel and encourages young passengers to become more responsible for their own safety and to make positive choices.

To encourage safe behaviour on and around rail property, Queensland Rail’s Education team deliver rail safety presentations to young children, school students and community members.  More details can be found here.