Rail Safety Board Game

This game is designed to be played as if you were playing a traditional board game on a tabletop.  2 or 3 people can play at either level 1 – for lower primary or level 2 – upper primary students.

Travel through Tracksville

Travel through Tracksville to find out about rail safety.

Tracksville Quiz

Take the quick 10 question quiz on rail safety to see how much you really know?

TrackSPLAT! by ARC Infrastructure

This game developed by ARC Infrastructure reinforces rail safety messages, showing consequences of correct and incorrect behaviour as the three characters find the safest route to cross the train tracks and avoid other hazards. Play TrackSPLAT!

Train Maze

This free App for Apple and Android is available via the App Store and Google Play.

Outsmart the obstacles. Play it safe. Become a station safety superstar.

Train Maze has been specially developed by Sydney Trains for primary school aged children as an educational tool to promote safe behaviour at train stations.

This fun puzzle app challenges players to move carefully through a sequence of tricky obstacles on virtual train platforms, reinforcing safety messages along the way.

The game is designed for 5-12 year olds and supports rail safety programs taught in primary schools across Sydney. Parents, carers and teachers are encouraged to download the app and help to play along.

How to play:

Tap the screen and release to move

Watch out for obstacles along the platforms

Score points by completing each level in the fewest number of moves

Make it to Level 7 to become a station safety superstar!