Trauma management training resources

To promote best practice and a uniform approach to trauma management for rail employees, TrackSAFE and Phoenix Australia have developed several resources for use by rail organisations:

  • Trauma awareness video
  • Trauma Management Framework:
  • Coping with trauma training
  • Providing support after trauma training
  • self-help App RailRES

Trauma Management Framework

The Trauma Management Framework provides a best practice approach to managing trauma in the rail industry and thereby minimising the risk of adverse mental health outcomes.

It serves as a platform for developing standards, specifications and associated guidelines and resource materials which rail organisations can embed into their own systems.  The Framework can also be used to guide the development of practical trauma policy, procedures and training for managers and supervisors, first responders to incidents and rail employees at highest risk of exposure to potentially traumatic events.

Access the Framework here


Coping with trauma training

This training program provides information to help employees before, during and after a traumatic event.  It aims to strengthen resilience so that employees are well prepared if they experience or are exposed to an incident. 

The training covers:

  • the impact of trauma
  • risk factors for not coping following a traumatic event
  • recovery patterns
  • self-care including strategies for managing strong emotions, depression, anxiety and avoiding alcohol and drugs
  • how to get help
  • developing a personal coping plan including combatting the myths about coping, helpful thinking, getting support, tips following a traumatic event.

Train the trainer resources

Trainer presentation slides

Coping with Trauma Trainer Manual

Coping with Trauma Participant Manual


Providing support after trauma training

There are two versions of this training program:  one for first responders and the other for managers/supervisors.

The training covers:

  • What is trauma support
  • The impact of trauma
  • Coping with trauma
  • Help-seeking
  • Trauma support
  • Roles of different staff in relation to potentially traumatic events
  • Self care.

Train the trainer resources

First responders Trainer presentation slides

First responder Trainer Manual

First responder Participant Manual

Manager/Supervisor Trainer presentation slides

Manager/Supervisor Trainer Manual

Manager/Supervisor Participant Manual


July 2022