Rail R U OK?Day

There’s more to say after R U OK?, Let’s continue to the conversation.

Following the challenges of the last 12 months, there remains a need to connect and regularly check-in with those around us.

Rail R U OK?Day on Thursday 29th April 2021 is a joint initiative of national harm prevention charities – the TrackSAFE Foundation and R U OK? and is the only national industry specific R U OK? day of action.

The TrackSAFE Foundation, Executive Director, Heather Neil says, “Rail R U OK?Day provides a focus for the rail sector as they empower their staff to identify the signs a colleague might not be OK and start a conversation that could change a life.

“This year we are expecting more than 110 rail organisations and 90,000 workers from all parts of the rail supply chain to take a moment to reflect on those in their world, hone their skills about how to prepare to ask a colleague “Are you OK?”, and importantly, then listen, encourage action and check back in.

“While Rail R U OK?Day falls on the last Thursday of April annually, we work to create an R U OK? Culture every day of the year.  We see company events, training and other activities occur year round that prioritise mental wellbeing and create workplaces where staff are encouraged to start life-changing conversations with their colleagues”.

This is the seventh year TrackSAFE and R U OK? have partnered for this important industry event.

“Our partnership with TrackSAFE is one R U OK? is extremely proud of and is an example of an entire industry authentically championing the R U OK? message,” says R U OK? CEO, Katherine Newton.

“Often, the best people to spot the signs someone might be struggling, are the people closest to them who can notice changes in routines and behaviours. That’s why the R U OK? message is so effective in the workplace. It’s the subtle changes in someone’s behaviour that can indicate they might be going through a difficult time.

“It’s heartening to witness the increased participation in Rail R U OK?Day, said Ms Newton. “Rail employees from across Australia and New Zealand are transforming their workplaces to be supportive and connected environments every day of the year.”

Rail R U OK?Day 2021 resources include posters, social media tiles, presentations and conversation starters. The ‘How To Ask’ booklet is available to all participants and guides people through how to ask “Are you OK?”, and what to do if someone answers “No, I’m not OK”. 

All resources are available to download from the TrackSAFE website

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