Rail R U Ok? Day

Together, let’s keep the conversation going

28 April 2022

We all go through life’s ups and downs. One thing that can help us navigate life’s challenges is regular, meaningful conversations with friends, family or colleagues.

Often, the best people to spot the signs someone might be struggling, are the people closest to them who can spot changes in routines and behaviours. That’s why the R U OK? message is so effective in the workplace. It’s the subtle changes in someone’s behaviour that can indicate they might be going through a difficult time.

The rail sector is the only industry to have its own dedicated R U OK?Day, with the initiative continuing to grow each year. Since the first Rail R U OK?Day in 2015, participation has grown from just under to 7,000, to over 90,000 participants from 110 organisaitons.

Rail R U OK? is more than just a day, it’s a movement that aims to empower rail workers to identify the signs that someone might not be OK and offer guidance on how to listen and also how to help.

Rail R U OK? provides individuals in the rail sector with the tools and confidence to check-in year round and have an ongoing conversation with someone at work who might be struggling.


TrackSAFE and the R U OK? team have developed a range of tools to help participating organisations launch their very own Rail R U OK?Day activities.   

Resources available to download include posters, social media, presentations and conversation starters. The ‘How To Ask’ Booklet available to participants supports people asking the important question, RUOK? and what to do if someone is in fact not ok. 

Our 2022 Rail R U OK? theme and resources will be available in early 2022.

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More than 90,000 rail employees across 110+ organisations participated in Rail R U OK?Day.

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