Rail R U OK?Day

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Thursday 28 April 2022

We all go through life’s ups and downs. Often, the best people to spot the signs someone might be struggling, are the people closest to them.

That’s why the R U OK? message is so effective in the workplace. It’s the subtle changes in someone’s behaviour that can indicate they might be going through a difficult time.

Rail R U OK? is more than just a day, it’s a movement that aims to empower rail workers to identify the signs that someone might not be OK and offer guidance on how to listen and also how to help.

Our 2021 Evaluation results demonstrate this impact.


TrackSAFE and R U OK? have a range of tools to support your Rail R U OK?Day, including posters, social media tiles, presentations, videos and conversation starters. The Toolkit will help guide your event planning.

The Conversation Guide has great tips to help ask the important question, RUOK? and what to do if someone is in fact not ok. 

How to Ask + Support Services – Set of 3 (A4)

Stories of Inspiration

Joel Thompson shares his own tips for checking in
Ann-Maree Bentley keeping the conversation on Track
A message from Adam Docherty, Yarra Trams
Why Marty asks, “Hey, Are you OK?”
R U OK? Community Ambassador, Justin Geange
Greg Ball shares his story of inspiration

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More than 90,000 rail employees across 110+ organisations participated in Rail R U OK?Day.

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