Addressing loneliness in the workplace (19 July 2023)

Loneliness and social isolation have emerged as critical issues in Australia with 1 in 4 Australians affected, causing us emotional distress and leading to declines in mental and physical health. Despite being so common, many of us don’t share our loneliness experience with others – particularly colleagues, making us feel isolated and even more lonely.

Griefline talks to thousands of people every year whose grief is made worse through loneliness. Our Addressing Loneliness in the Workplace webinar aims to empower participants with enough understanding to offer caring support to workmates who are experiencing loneliness.

The session aims to help normalise loneliness by exploring its prevalence in the community, discuss risk factors, how it shows up in the mind and body, and the connection between grief, loss and loneliness. We’ll show you how to support someone who’s lonely (yourself included) and provide you with a toolkit of resources and links to specialised programs and services for the lonely.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is loneliness and how does it differ to social isolation?  
  • Breaking down the stigma – the prevalence of loneliness in Australia  
  • Exploring the connection between grief, loss and loneliness  
  • Understanding how loneliness impacts wellbeing  
  • Supporting someone who is lonely
  • About Griefline – how we can support you  
  • Resources for your loneliness toolkit 

A copy of Griefline’s presentation is available here.

Webinar recording available here.

Meet the Speakers

Abi Catchlove is a Griefline grief counsellor and facilitator. Curiosity and compassion inform Abi’s approach to the therapeutic space. Her experience as a teacher of culturally diverse students across all ages for over a decade has helped her appreciate the nuance of people’s contexts and experiences. After working in a range of counselling roles with a relational focus, Abi was particularly drawn to exploring grief as its multi-faceted impact is felt throughout all stages of life. Even though navigating emotional landscapes as we sit with loss can be complex and overwhelming, Abi believes grief can act as a medicine; an expansive offering towards healing.

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