TrackSAFE supported suicide prevention research

TrackSAFE is committed to evidence-informed suicide prevention actions. It therefore commissions and is a partner in various research projects. Recent and current projects are detailed below.

Evaluating the effectiveness of different types of interventions in public places

This 2020-2023 project is being led by Prof Jane Pirkis at the Centre for mental Health, School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne. Papers published as part of this project so far include:

A briefing on progress with this project as at November 2021 is available here.

Psychological Autopsy Report

This research provide new insights to inform governments, TrackSAFE and rail operator prevention activities. It was published in December 2023.

Suicide on the Australian rail network 2015-2019

Evaluation of TrackSAFE Suicide Awareness Training

TrackSAFE launched 30 min, online Suicide Awareness Training for the Australian and New Zealand Rail industries in September 2023. The impact of this training will be independently evaluated mid 2024.

Economic impact of network disruptions on the Victorian passenger rail network caused by fatalities, injuries and trespass

This research will be complete mid 2024.

Reducing railway suicide: An open-systems approach

Queensland University of Technology has developed and tested a new approach for identifying at-risk commuters, and then using this approach, tested a range of suicide prevention interventions. The project was led by Professor Byron Keating in the Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology. The report from this research is here. The results from this research has informed the development of the TrackSAFE Suicide Awareness Training.

Another part of this research project examined the opportunities presented by artificial intelligence. More information on this project can be obtained by contacting TrackSAFE.

Partner in funding proposals

TrackSAFE is a partner in some new research proposals that have been submitted to various funding bodies for support.

10 September 2023