Light rail safety campaigns

Some recent campaigns are described below.

Stand Back.Look Up.Stay Rail Safe

This TrackSAFE campaign featuring rail accident survivor, TrackSAFE Rail Safety Ambassador, Paralympian and World Champion, Vanessa Low was launched in Rail Safety Week 2021. More information is available in the Events-Rail Safety Week section of this website.

Beware the Rhino

This Yarra Trams campaign from 2011 led to a significant decline in the number of pedestrian incidents with trams at that time.  This quirky safety campaign targeted pedestrians aged between 18-30 years with the aim to make pedestrians more alert when near trams or crossing tram tracks.  A report on the campaign and its impact is here.

The campaign was updated in early 2021 and promoted by Newcastle Light Rail operator, Keolis Downer Hunter.

When a tram stops, you stop

This Victorian Government campaign aims to educate motorists about the need to stop when trams stop to keep passengers safe when boarding and alighting trams at roadside tram stops. 

The digital ad, posters, radio ad and social media tiles are available here.

Trams can’t swerve

This Victorian Government campaign urges motorists to check for trams when they are turning or merging.  70% of tram crashes happen when cars turn or merge onto tracks.

Heads Up!  Play it safe around light rail

With the introduction of a new light rail service in Sydney CBD and to the Eastern Suburbs in 2019/20, the NSW Government developed an iterative campaign to educate Sydneysiders on four positive behaviours need to be safe around light rail.   The campaign started during the testing phase with this execution moving onto another using a light-hearted and charismatic rugby referee who interacts with NRL legends and A list female players.