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Australia and New Zealand celebrate Rail Safety Week

Australia and New Zealand celebrate Rail Safety Week

This year’s annual community awareness week - Rail Safety Week has officially kicked off (running 14 – 20 August).

“Harm prevention charity the TrackSAFE Foundation, together with 60 rail, police and government organisations from around Australia and New Zealand are united by our commitment to delivering important safety messages via Rail Safety Week,” said Naomi Frauenfelder, Executive Director of the TrackSAFE Foundation.

“Rail Safety Week draws on the collective experience and passion of those in the industry to deliver an internationally recognised annual awareness week.

“During Rail Safety Week we urge members of the public to share rail safety tips with others; take the time to talk to your friends, children or loved ones about the importance of staying safe around the rail network. As a community we need to stop accepting illegal and reckless behaviour around trains, tracks and level crossings– which can often end in tragedy – and start taking responsibility for our actions.

“Always stand behind the line when waiting on a platform, never trespass in rail corridors, expect trains at level crossings even when they’re not timetabled and be sure to remove headphones when you’re anywhere near tracks – these are just some of the safety messages we’ll be spruiking as part of this year’s Rail Safety Week. Deaths, injuries and near hits on the rail network can be avoided if people simply obey the rules and avoid becoming distracted.

 “Come and join the rail safety celebrations, be aware of the risks and encourage safe behaviour around railway lines in your community. Help us by being part of the solution,” said Ms Frauenfelder.

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