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TrackSAFE gets behind Walk Safely to School Day

Today marks annual ‘Walk Safely to School Day’ with harm-prevention charity, the TrackSAFE Foundation is sending out an important reminder to all school-aged children and their parents to take care when walking to and from school, especially when walking near railway lines and crossings.

“Walk Safely to School Day is an important national initiative aimed at promoting safe pedestrian practices among young children. Thousands of children across the country are required to cross railway tracks on their way to school, it’s crucial they obey the rules and are aware of the dangers involved when it comes to trains,” said Naomi Frauenfelder, Executive Director of the TrackSAFE Foundation.

“TrackSAFE urges all school-walkers to cross at pedestrian crossings, always remembering to look and listen out for trains. There is no justifiable excuse for ignoring level crossing signals; when the lights start flashing, you stop. It’s that easy to be safe.

“Unfortunately community members take risks for the sake of short cuts or are simply on the tracks when they know they shouldn’t be. In Australia we witness over 4,200 near hits resulting from trespass annually. Every near hit is only seconds away from becoming a potentially devastating incident, and can have a profoundly traumatic and lasting impact on the train driver and crew involved.

“Walking is a fun and healthy way to get to school and we want all students to continue enjoying this activity with their siblings, parents and friends. Walkers simply need to be aware and understand the importance of obeying the rules when crossing or walking near rail lines.

“The TrackSAFE Foundation runs a safety education program for schools to help teach students safe behaviours around trains and tracks. Fully funded by the rail industry, TrackSAFE Education provides consistency in rail safety education throughout Australia, empowering students to improve their own and others’ safety when they are near trains and train tracks.

“I encourage all children heading to school today to look, think and act appropriately. Be sure to stand behind the yellow line; hop off your skateboard or bike when crossing tracks; wait when the lights are flashing and gates are closed, and always remove your headphones at crossings and on station platforms,” said Ms Frauenfelder.

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