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TrackSAFE encourages commuters to ask R U OK?


The TrackSAFE Foundation is supporting tomorrow’s national ‘R U OK? Day’, by encouraging commuters to take the time to ask each other this simple and sometimes lifesaving question.

R U OK? Day is a national day of action held every year to remind people to regularly check in with family and friends, who might be struggling in their lives, and ask the simple yet profound question – ‘are you ok?’

Bryan Nye, CEO of the Australasian Railway Association and Board Director of TrackSAFE welcomes the initiative saying that one simple question could potentially save someone’s life.

“Rail suicide prevention is a primary focus of TrackSAFE, with deaths on our tracks deeply affecting the rail community and our frontline staff who are significantly impacted as a result of witnessing these incidents,” said Mr Nye.

“The cost to society is profound; as it is to our employees impacted. This ‘R U OK? Day’ we are encouraging people to reach out to each other whether it is in the workplace, community, or as a commuter at a station or on a train.

“TrackSAFE is also keen to promote checking in with your work colleagues regularly, especially if you feel like they may need to talk.

“Workplaces can provide a key place of support where workmates can check in with and support one another,” continued Mr Nye.

“I would encourage everyone to get on board and support R U OK? Day by contributing to a climate of caring for each other and looking out for your mates,”’ Mr Nye concluded.

By raising awareness about the importance of connection and providing resources throughout the year, the R U OK? Foundation aims to prevent isolation by empowering people to support each other through life's ups and downs.

A conversation could change a life.

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