Supporting colleagues through grief & loss (10 March 2023)

“Where there is trauma, there is grief”, David Kessler – grief expert.

National Not-For-Profit, Griefline reports that grief is the second most common personal issue in the workplace, so chances are someone in your team is struggling right now with the inevitable experience of grief and loss. Despite this shared bond we often feel ill equipped to support others who are grieving.

So, what happens to a grieving person in your team? Is their grief misunderstood, avoided or at worst, dismissed? Without the right knowledge or tools, we can feel overwhelmed, out of our depth and incapable of supporting teammates.

This webinar, hosted on 8 March 2023 will give you a better understanding of grief and the many different losses that lead to it. You’ll learn how to support your colleagues, what to say and what not to say, be given top tips for honouring their loss and be tooled up with resources and referrals for specialised grief supports including Griefline’s range of free services and programs.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is grief? 
  • Different forms of loss 
  • The prevalence of grief in the community 
  • Experiences of grief and loss more common to people working in the rail industry 
  • How to support someone experiencing grief 
  • Common barriers to supporting others 
  • The benefits of supporting someone who is grieving 
  • Embracing diversity and inclusion 
  • Self-care when supporting someone experiencing grief 
  • How to link in with Griefline’s services and other specialised supports.

A recording of this webinar is available here.

Meet the Speakers

Griefline is a national not-for-profit that has been serving the community for more than 30 years. Griefline offers a variety of services that provide help-seekers the opportunity to access free grief support and resources, no matter where they are or what time of the day it is.

Amanda Trotter is a qualified counsellor with a deep understanding of the grief experience stemming from previous roles as Griefline's Online Community Coordinator, Sessional Counsellor on Griefline's Policeline program and 2 years volunteering on the Helpline. Amanda merges her clinical expertise with three decades of experience in content development and delivery as a former Executive Producer of high-end television and events. She has represented Griefline across several high-profile programs and campaigns including the Mamamia Quicky podcast episode “We’re All Going To Die, So Why Can’t We Talk About It?” (2021), an R U OK? Day Instagram Q&A session (2021) and Batyr’s ‘Conversation Lab’ YouTube special grief episode (2021). She is also Co-Host of Griefline’s Life After Loss podcast and hosts the ‘In Conversation with the Experts’ YouTube series. Amanda brings a person-centred and strengths-based approach to grief and loss support and delivers it with empathy, curiosity and respect for each person's unique grief response.

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