Optimising health for shift workers (9 August 2023)

This webinar is available thanks to our corporate supporters rt health.

The impact of shift work on each of the following modifiable lifestyle factors (i.e. sleep , mental health, nutrition, physical activity, smoking, drugs and alcohol; situational factors) can have a big influence on health outcomes. This workshop will provide a range of practical tips to support positive lifestyle behaviour and optimise health and vitality for shift workers.

Learning Objectives

1.    To understand short- and long-term impact of shift work on our health and lifestyle.
2.    To understand and implement strategies that minimise the impact of shift work on health outcomes.

Recording available here

Australia’s first registered health fund

rt health’s story began more than 130 years ago. The foundations for rt health were laid in 1889 when a group of railway workers at Sydney’s Eveleigh rail workshops got together to form a co-op. Each worker contributed a small part of their wages to help the workers and their families pay for medical treatment if they became ill or were injured.

This enterprising cooperative of workers sowed the seeds for what became Australia’s first registered health fund – the Railway and Tramway Hospital Fund (now rt health).

In the 130+ years since, rt health has helped its members through a lot. Learn more.

Meet the Speakers

Dr Trent Watson is the CEO and principal consultant at Ethos Health, a multidisciplinary health and safety business based in Newcastle with a purpose to keep people healthy, happy and safe. Trent completed his undergraduate studies and PhD in nutrition and dietetics at the University of Newcastle and has over 20 years of consulting experience that ranges from individuals, television programs, local and international workplaces, national sporting teams, health insurers and industry bodies.

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