Knowledgeshare: Use of AI to improve safety & suicide prevention (15 June 2023)

Our Knowledgeshare Sessions invite stakeholders to share knowledge, insights and learnings.

This session focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence to improve public safety and suicide prevention on the rail network, including rail projects at Transport for London and Network Rail (UK) that are using artificial intelligence in suicide and trespass prevention and to improve safety on and around rail stations. How Metro Trains Melbourne and the Department of Transport Victoria are using artificial intelligence to improve the safe and efficient operation of level crossings.  We also hear about research results by Black Dog Institute, investigating public opinion and acceptability of the use of artificial intelligence to protect public safety in public places.


Nicholas Allen is the Technology Improvement Lead at Transport for London.   Nick will talk about some of the pilot projects and initiatives currently underway on the London Underground.

Jamie Potter is part of the Business and Service Development Team providing IT and Telecom services to Network Rail.  Jamie will talk about some of the pilot projects and initiatives he is working on at various places on the network.

Darren Quinlivan (Metro Trains Melbourne) & Nick Collins (Department of Transport Victoria) will discuss recent trials for queuing prediction and traffic control in Melbourne.

Dr Mark Larsen is a Research Fellow at Black Dog Institute and Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales.  Mark’s research program examines how technology can be used to deliver effective mental health interventions to reduce the risk of suicide.  He will present the findings of his recent research regarding public acceptability of artificial intelligence when used for public safety purposes.

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