Coping with personal loss (31 October 2023)

“Our Experience of Grief is unique as a Fingerprint”, David Kessler – Grief Expert 

Rail workers may be exposed to trauma on the job which over time can transition into grief. Add to this the losses we may all experience in our everyday lives – losing loved ones, pets, jobs, relationships, homes, good health… it’s no surprise that many of us are struggling with grief. 

With thanks to national not-for-profit, Griefline, this short introductory webinar aims to help normalise the grief experience in all its different forms, explore how it can impact various parts of your life, and understand the ebbs and flows of the grief journey.

Being grief-informed can improve your confidence to talk safely and find emotional connectedness with others in your field, resulting in improved resilience and mental health.  What you’ll learn:  

  • What is grief? Definitions of grief, bereavement and mourning   
  • Recognising loss in all its forms   
  • Understanding the range of grief responses   
  • Navigating the ebbs and flows of the grief journey  
  • Coping strategies for adapting to grief and loss  
  • How to link in with Griefline’s services and other specialised supports 


Webinar recording available here

Meet the Speakers

Shelley Andreetta is a counsellor at Griefline and has supported people navigating the intricate terrain of grief, loss and trauma for the past 5 years. In addition to her counselling experience, Shelley has developed and facilitated the 6-week Grief Group program, trained the Helpline Volunteers, and more recently become involved in the Griefline Grief Literacy program.  In recognising that everyone’s experience of grief is deeply personal, Shelley is passionate about supporting people in finding their own path to healing.    Why does Shelley want to talk about grief? Grief is a human experience we all share, yet we don’t talk about it because it isn’t comfortable feeling and talking about our big emotions. Shelley is motivated by the importance of encouraging open conversations about loss and grief to help people understand it, feel less afraid of moving through it and not feel so isolated or lonely by it.

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