How our education resources fit within the teaching program

We have designed our learning resources within a variety of Australian Curriculum Learning Areas, rather than designing a separate ‘safety’ unit. Consultation with teachers revealed a preference for this approach, as it enables them to use their teaching time to achieve their curriculum requirements, whilst enabling students to experience very meaningful life lessons about safety and increase their personal and social capability.

TrackSAFE has provided rail safety lesson plans and materials related to English, the Arts and Heath and Physical Education.  You could also incorporate rail safety within units about:

  • Travel or transport safety
  • Excursion safety
  • Peer pressure
  • Decision making
  • Making positive choices
  • Public transport
  • Road safety
  • Personal safety
  • Community safety
  • Safety in schools
  • Staying safe
  • Life skills
  • Level crossing awareness
  • Rail Safety Week (2nd Week of August each year)