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Rail safety - it's everyone's responsibility!

The Next Rail Safety Week is scheduled for August 2019

Rail Safety Week

Rail Safety Week 9 - 15 August 2021

Rail Safety Week (RSW) is an annual community awareness week held in Australia & New Zealand, designed to engage the community in safe rail practices. This year, RSW will be held 9-15 August 2021, marking its 16th year!

Ongoing commuter safety relies on those interacting with the rail environment, both pedestrians & commuters to play an active role in rail safety, in particular to be aware of their surroundings. Viewing & listening to smart devices is a social norm which may contribute to commuter distraction & complacency.

This year, Rail Safety Week reenforces to the community specific actions required to stay safe around rail.

STAND BACK. LOOK UP. STAY RAIL SAFE. These rail safety messages remain relevant all year round; 

1. A moment of distraction can change your life forever.
2. Unsafe actions around trains & trams can affect a rail worker’s life forever.
3. A person is killed or injured on the Australian rail network every 2.5 days.
4. Stand Back. Look Up. Stay Rail Safe.

Rail Safety Week 2021 features a new campaign featuring TrackSAFE's Rail Safety Ambassador, Vanessa Low, who shares her experience as a rail accident survivor by encouraging the community to 'STAND BACK. LOOK UP. STAY RAIL SAFE'.

2021 resources including; posters, videos and a variety of promotional assets are available to download following the links below. Please contact us if you would like to disucss co-branding or resizing files to suit your activities.

Digital Toolkit - including Rail Safety Week statistics, background, theme, key messages, ambassador profile and media brief.

Logos and brand guidelines

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Tracksville Trivia

TrackSAFE Education - Primary/Secondary schools

TrackSAFE Wellbeing Webinar: Wellbeing as part of a safe working culture.

Date and time: Wednesday 11 August 2021, 12:00-13:00 (EST)

Location: Online using Webex. Access the webinar by registering via the ARA website here

Link for Sharing:

Wellbeing as part of a safe working culture: Join our discussion with Paralympian and Rail Safety Ambassador Vanessa Low about building resilience to cope with life’s ups and downs and maintaining a positive attitude. The webinar will also include highlights of the TrackSAFE Foundation's ‘Rail Res’ App, designed for rail employees to build resilience and assist staff who might be exposed to stressful situations. TrackSAFE will chat with Sandra Wilson-Ryke, Health Safety Quality Environment Director, Keolis Downer – Adelaide about Rail Res and useful tools to support our wellbeing.