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About TrackSAFE

About TrackSAFE
The TrackSAFE Foundation is a charity established in 2012 by the Australasian Railway Association and UGL in order to prevent suicides and reduce accidents and injuries on the rail network, as well as improve the wellbeing of rail employees.

Every year around 160 people die or are injured on the Australian rail network, and there are another 1,000 near misses.

Beyond the human loss or injury caused by person-train collisions or near misses, incidents can cause trauma and work-related stress to rail and recovery staff involved with an incident.

Many events necessitate an absence from work and the risk of acute and chronic health and wellness issues can have ongoing impacts, including return to work. Safe Work Australia identifies rail drivers as first responders, one of the most at-risk occupations for work-related mental disorders. For the wider community, these incidents also cause disruption and delays to hundreds of services each year, impacting customers and economic efficiency.

TrackSAFE is funded primarily through financial contributions from supporting companies that represent all aspects of the rail supply chain including operators, network managers, track owners, suppliers, contractors, industry bodies and unions.

The TrackSAFE Foundation's strategic priorities include;

  • Preventing suicide by working with trusted partners like Lifeline Australia to promote community-based crisis services, advocating for funding for the construction of barriers to limit access to the rail corridor and supporting other evidence-based activities.
  • Improving Trauma Management through initiatives such as Rail R U OK? Day, mental health awareness and first aid training, providing the Rail Res App and post incident resources.
  • Reducing injuries by raising community awareness of rail safety through events and education.
  • Working with leaders in suicide, trauma, and injury prevention and contributing to research to ensure evidence-based policies and practices in the rail industry.

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TrackSAFE - Working together to save lives.