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Rail Safety Week
Rail safety - it's everyone's responsibility!

The Next Rail Safety Week is scheduled for August 2019

Rail Safety Week


Rail Safety Week will be held 13 - 19 August 2018

Rail Safety Week (RSW) is an Australasian Railway Association (ARA)/TrackSAFE initiative that has been running since 2006. RSW aims to improve education and awareness around railway level crossing and track safety.

Over the years, more and more rail organisations have become involved in this community education initiative by visiting schools, holding competitions, running advertising campaigns, and ultimately increasing awareness of the importance of rail safety.

Each year, rail participants target specific rail safety areas to increase safety within the communities that they work within.

RSW is effective in raising awareness and knowledge in Australasian communities about the potentially devastating consequences of not exercising caution or obeying the rules around railways and tram networks.