Combatting Fatigue and Boosting Wellbeing

The psychological and physical impact of the past 18 months continues to be felt by many of us.  In this webinar, Heizy Serrels, National Manager Learning and Wellbeing Culture at the Centre for corporate health shares practical strategies and tools designed to support us and our colleagues who may be combatting fatigue and burnout. 

The webinar identifies early warning signs of burnout and low motivation and provides practical wellbeing strategies to energise and support individual managers.

The Centre for Corporate Health specialises in helping individuals and organisations increase emotional resilience, best manage mental health issues and reduce workplace stress.

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Meet the Speakers

Heizy Serrels from the Centre for Corporate Health is the National Manager – Learning and Wellbeing Culture. Heizy is a registered psychologist who has over 10 years’ experience working in both private and public organizational settings providing a broad range of psychological and HR consultancy services. Her career has included positions in general human resources, education, counselling, and various clinical and non-clinical psychological positions. Heizy is an experienced coach, trainer and group facilitator, specialising in the areas of managing psychosocial risks within the workplace, people development, relationship management, communication skills, well-being, and team effectiveness. In her career she has had vast experience in psychological assessment methodology and implementation, including reporting on leadership success profiles.

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