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Stories Of Inspiration (Videos)

View TrackSAFE's partnership video with R U OK? and other stories from our rail colleagues.


Take a moment to watch these inspiring stories from rail workmates that prove conversations can transform someone’s day.

Marty Zeck from Aurizon shares why he's joining the Conversation Movement this Rail R U OK?Day (Thursday 12 April 2018)

"She heard a crack in my voice and she knew to reach out.” – Station Master Jamie Robertson of Metro Trains Melbourne shares how the support of his manager Simone Dyson helped him when times were tough. Listen to Jamie's inspiring story.

"This one particular day, Tom was really engaged and he really genuinely asked 'Are you ok mate? I can see you are doing it tough.'" - R U OK? Community Ambassador Justin Geange shares how his workmate Tom helped him to take off the mask and admit that he was struggling.

"I probably didn't realise how significant it was at the time. But - eventually - I got an idea of how badly he was feeling and how much support I needed to give him to try and steer him in the right direction." - Former rail worker Tom Giles shares how he supported workmate Justin.

"I think it's important to have conversations. We can live socially isolated lives because of the shift work. We don't have as much contact with our family and our friends in normal social times." -Train driver Mick Donnelly explains how workmates can relieve stress and help them manage the load.

"I'll always appreciate Chris for having that ear to yap into... The more I talked about it, the less I was concerned about it." - Train driver Greg Ball explains how workmate Chris helped him through a rough patch just by listening to him.