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Rail Industry Trauma

Rail Industry Trauma

Rail is a major national industry, employing in excess of 110,000 staff in a wide range of occupations across urban, regional, rural and remote areas of Australia.

The rail network is a workplace. Train drivers, guards, police, emergency services, and other rail industry employees are the first people on the scene when incidents take place on the network.

Train drivers and rail employees who experience an incident- the silent victims, are often the last to see that person alive, and for them, severe mental, physical and emotional trauma can result from witnessing such an event.

The trauma can be long-lasting, deeply felt and costly for these employees, for victims and families and for employers. Tragically, most train drivers will witness an incident on the network in the course of their career. Sadly, in many cases they never return to work after witnessing these events.

Research evidence in rail suicide prevention always highlights the importance of delivering best practice in trauma counselling and management for rail employees impacted. This is something TrackSAFEĀ takes very seriously.

Just like you, our employees want to go to work, do their job, and return home safely.