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The work we do

The TrackSAFE Foundation undertakes a number of key initiatives in rail suicide prevention, level crossing safety and trauma support, as well as in the areas of education and awareness. Many of these are in collaboration with expert specialist providers in the field, partnering with our Australian rail operator member organisations to ensure that the outcomes are tailored for use. 

  • Development of the National Rail Industry Trauma Management Framework which has been implemented by industry creating a significant improvement in trauma support for frontline rail employees
  • Coordination of the annual Rail R U OK?Day (held in April each year), where over 50,000 rail industry workers engage in meaningful conversations with work mates about their emotional status
  • Creation of self-support app –RailRes– specifically designed for rail industry workers to help manage stress if exposed to a traumatic event, while building long term resilience to help employees stay healthy (available for free download on android and iPhone devices via the App Store)
  • Hosting of best practice Rail Industry Trauma Forums to support rail workers exposed to trauma
  • Roll out of research-driven, national suicide awareness training program for station staff to encourage interventions and save lives
  • Hosting of Level Crossing Safety Forums where over 90 delegates come together to workshop innovations/enforcement/technological solutions to level crossing safety in Australia and New Zealand
  • Implementation of TrackSAFE Education rail safety for schools - rail safety education program and resources for Australian primary and secondary schools which are integrated into the National Curriculum
  • Coordination of annual national primary schools competition linking directly to the curriculum
  • Facilitator of Rail Safety Week, an annual community awareness week held in Australia and New Zealand designed to engage the community in safe rail practices
  • Coordination of ground-breaking Community Stations program to create a positive environment at stations and raise awareness about mental health, which will reduce stigma around mental health issues and encourage people to seek help when needed
  • Partnership with Lifeline Australia to make a meaningful reduction in suicide and suicide attempts on the rail network through a number of initiatives and acute crisis intervention campaigns
  • Running of accredited Mental Health First Aid Training courses for the rail industry