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The TrackSAFE Foundation Ltd (TrackSAFE) is an independent national charity established by the Australasian Railways Association and UGL in 2012.

We work to reduce fatalities and injuries on the rail network resulting from suicide, trespass, and human error and improve wellbeing and trauma management for rail industry employees.

We will achieve our strategic priorities of suicide prevention, injury reduction and improvement in wellbeing and trauma management for employees by:

  1. Working with leaders in suicide, wellbeing, trauma and injury prevention
  2. Investing in research and data analysis to inform policy, planning and practices
  3. Advocating for funding and new approaches
  4. Promoting the use of evidence-based interventions and resources
  5. Facilitating information exchange
  6. Ensuring sustainable income generation, governance and efficient and effective administration of the Foundation.

We are funded primarily through financial support from organisations that represent all aspects of the rail supply chain including operators, network managers, track owners, suppliers, contractors, industry bodies and unions.

TrackSAFE is committed to measuring the performance of our activities to better understand and continuously improve the impact of our work. However, we recognise that a reduction in suicides, attempted suicides and injuries on the network and an improvement of employee wellbeing will be achieved through sustained action by all those in the rail supply chain, including TrackSAFE.