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TrackSAFE Foundation calls for increased level crossing safety

28 February 2020

TrackSAFE Foundation calls for increased level crossing safety

The level crossing accident at Mallala claiming two lives is very sobering news. TrackSAFE Foundation offers sincere condolences to the families of the two people killed and to the many people impacted by this accident.

Whilst the circumstances of the accident will become clearer as investigations proceed it is important to recognise the impact of incidents like this on the industry and wider community.

Bob Herbert AM, Chairman of the TrackSAFE Foundation said “This is a timely reminder of the vulnerabilities surrounding level crossings. There are 23,000 crossings in Australia, a large number of them passive in country environments. Stop signs cannot be ignored because in remote locations flashing lights and boom gates are not feasible.”

Mr Herbert explained that TrackSAFE plays an important role in level crossing safety. It coordinates a National Committee (chaired by Neil Scales OBE, CEO of TMR Queensland), comprising leading experts from each State and New Zealand. It has studied best practices from around the world as to the latest technologies and risk mitigation factors involved. State Governments including South Australia are actively involved as is the rail safety regulator.

“An important role for TrackSAFE is to help manage the trauma which flows from such incidents, involving train drivers, railway staff and the emergency service personnel. The impact is severe particularly on families and the community” added Mr Herbert.

Pacific National is an active and leading participant in TrackSAFE as one of its founding members. To find out

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