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On Ride to Work Day it’s wheelie important to take care at level crossings

National harm-prevention charity the TrackSAFE Foundation urges cyclists participating in ‘Ride to Work Day’ to be alert, patient and vigilant when crossing tracks and level crossings.

“With today being national ‘Ride to Work Day’ TrackSAFE is appealing to cyclists to obey the rules and remain on high alert around the rail network,” said Naomi Frauenfelder, Executive Director TrackSAFE Foundation.

“Cycling is a great activity to improve strength, fitness and for decreasing stress; riding to and from work offers many benefits for people’s overall health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, some cyclists take unnecessary risks near the railways. When crossing tracks cyclists must dismount and walk their bikes across, remembering to look both ways before crossing. Cyclists must cross tracks at designated crossing areas, always ensuring there is plenty of time to safely push your bike across the tracks.

“Every near hit and collision has a profoundly traumatic and lasting impact on the train driver and crew involved. Such incidents see rail employees tragically exposed to trauma while simply doing their jobs; some of whom are unable to return to work again.

“While celebrating ‘Ride to Work Day’ TrackSAFE encourages adults to be role models for children who might be nearby by demonstrating safe behaviours around the rail network,” said Ms Frauenfelder.