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Indooroopilly High School students win national rail safety comp

Four students, Mokuren Abe, Nhi Pham, Angela Yang and Clarissa Zhong of Indooroopilly High School have won first place in a national high schools competition for creating an innovative design to reduce the chances of injuries or fatalities occurring at pedestrian level crossings. The students were tasked with creating a video pitch about their design.

A special assembly will be held at the school 1pm on Wednesday 22November to award the students with their certificates and prizes.

The TrackSAFE Foundation’s Executive Director, Naomi Frauenfelder, was particularly impressed with the clever design thinking undertaken by the students to create an original device to make young people’s crossing experiences safer.

“The students who participated in our pedestrian level crossing challenge designed a reflective barrier to address distraction by mobile phones at level crossings. When a pedestrian approaches the crossing looking down at their phone or listening to music, the reflective material reflects light and catches the pedestrian’s attention.

“They then have to manoeuvre through the barrier, causing them to stop and look around. A simple, yet elegant solution to combat mobile phone distraction at pedestrian level crossings.

 “With 35 per cent of pedestrian level crossing accidents in Australia involving young people under the age of 25, there’s no better time than now to innovate on pedestrian level crossing safety and come up with fresh ideas to address this very serious issue. Our high schools competition challenged young adults to become the brains behind this mission and create an innovative solution to reduce the chances of incidents occurring.

“On behalf of the TrackSAFE Foundation I would like to congratulate the students for conducting such a thorough investigation to identify the risks and safety issues for young people in particular at pedestrian level crossings. This innovative idea addresses a very serious real-world problem around distraction that TrackSAFE works every day to address,” said Ms Frauenfelder.  

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Venue: The school is located at 111 Ward St, Indooroopilly.