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Mid-winter grain trains on the move

A large grain train is due to head down the central Riverina branch line from The Rock to Boree Creek at dawn this coming Sunday (30 July) as part of a major shipment program by rail.

In a statement released by the TrackSAFE Foundation’s Patron, The Honourable Tim Fischer AC, Mr Fischer sends a timely reminder to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to be alert and aware, especially during the winter months.

“There has been a record 16 grain trains along this branch line at all hours of day and night in July 2017.

“It’s a sharp reminder of the need to exercise level crossing caution 24/7 and throughout the entire 12 months of the year including mid-winter (a long way from harvest time),” said Mr Fischer.  

Mr Fischer added that he praised GrainCorp for using a balance of rail and road from the central Riverina at this time.

It’s Rail Safety Week next month, (14- 20 August), so now is a good time for community members to refresh their thinking around level crossing and track safety. It’s important to always expect trains, remembering that multiple trains can come at any time and from either direction; always remain vigilant at level crossings and remember that trains cannot stop quickly and always have right of way. For more rail safety tips, please visit the TrackSAFE website: