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A fresh school year means refreshing rail safety basics

As students begin to head back to school, harm-prevention charity, the TrackSAFE Foundation reminds all school-aged children (and their parents) to take care when catching trains and crossing tracks to get to school.

“Thousands of students will soon be flooding train stations and/or crossing railway tracks to get to school. It’s vital that they follow the rules and are aware of the importance of always exercising caution when using the rail network; we want everyone to be safe,” said Naomi Frauenfelder, Executive Director of the TrackSAFE Foundation.

“With over a quarter of a million school students catching trains to get to school every day it’s crucial rail safety is a part of every student’s daily routine. It’s important to remember the basics including: making sure you cross at designated pedestrian level crossings and looking both ways before cross, standing behind the yellow line when waiting on the platform, and paying attention to the rail safety signs, signals and sounds.

“TrackSAFE urges parents to help students leave plenty of time to get to school; running in a train station or taking a short-cut across the tracks could lead to a potentially devastating start to the school year.  

“The TrackSAFE Foundation runs a rail safety education program for schools to help students learn safe behaviours around the rail network. Fully funded by the rail industry, TrackSAFE Education continually provides new ways of rolling out rail safety education throughout Australia in an engaging way. TrackSAFE Education has a suite of new resource materials and competitions to unveil in 2017 which will empower students to act responsibly when anywhere near tracks and trains” said Ms Frauenfelder.


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