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Rail industry celebrates national R U OK?Day

The Australian rail industry is today getting behind R U OK?Day, a national movement to help create workplaces where workmates feel connected and protected from suicide.

“Today’s R U OK?Day is an opportunity for rail workmates to re-commit to being there for one another since our industry’s Rail R U OK?Day held in April this year which saw almost 10,500 employees participate from over 30 rail organisations,” said Bob Herbert, Chairman of the TrackSAFE Foundation.

“What many people don’t realise is, train drivers, guards, station staff and other rail industry employees are often the first people on the scene when incidents take place on the network. Witnessing these events can cause severe mental, physical and emotional trauma. This is why the TrackSAFE Foundation exists, so we can provide tools and advice to help our rail workers feel safe and supported at work.

“Through a partnership with R U OK? and the TrackSAFE Foundation, and with the support of the rail industry, we stand united in efforts to prevent self-harm.

“On this day we also remind the public and the thousands of commuters using the railway network everyday to make time to ask a friend or colleauge the question of, are you ok? This simple question has the power to transform a person’s work (or life) journey.

“As an industry affected all too often by suicide, we need to never stop celebrating R U OK?Day to ensure workmates are given opportunities and lots of encouragement to talk to one another every single day,” said Mr Herbert.