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$12.5 million upgrade for QLD level crossings a welcome step


Harm-prevention charity, the TrackSAFE Foundation, strongly welcomes investment by the Palaszczuk Government of $12.5 million to upgrade key regional level crossings across Queensland, as well as funding the installation of additional level crossing safety devices to protect the community.

“We are pleased the Queensland Government has responded to the challenge of keeping pedestrians, motorists and cyclists safe around key regional level crossings across the state. TrackSAFE prioritises level crossing safety in the hope of avoiding tragic incidents occurring on our railways,” said Naomi Frauenfelder, Executive Director TrackSAFE Foundation.

“With around 130 pedestrian level crossing incidents causing death or serious injury every year and an additional 20 collisions with vehicles, it’s pleasing to see the Queensland Government play their part for the people of Queensland and invest in level crossing safety. Such a move greatly helps the TrackSAFE Foundation in its continual mission to save lives on the rail network.

“When a near hit, collision, incident or fatality occurs on the rail network, this can lead to severe and lasting trauma for train drivers, track workers, station staff, other rail employees and the community.

“Level crossing safety remains one of the rail industry’s highest safety priorities. TrackSAFE invests considerable time and resources into education and awareness activities to encourage safe behaviour around the network. The commitment of governments to remove or upgrade level crossings further assists us in our mission to reduce incidents. I would take this opportunity to reiterate the importance of commuters always being vigilant when around tracks and trains however, urging pedestrians, motorists and cyclists to play their part and obey the rules.

“The TrackSAFE Foundation greatly looks forward to working with the Palaszczuk Government to help them deliver on their vision to better educate the public about level crossing safety,” said Ms Frauenfelder.