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Don’t let a short cut; cut your life short this Christmas

National Harm Prevention Charity, the TrackSAFE Foundation, is strongly urging all Australians to be mindful on the roads over the Christmas holiday period, especially when at level crossings.

TrackSAFE Director, Bryan Nye OAM, encouraged all drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to be even more observant when approaching level crossings at this busy time of year.

“At this time of year everyone is eager to kick start the holiday and get to their destination to see loved ones. In all the excitement, people can become complacent and that is when accidents can happen,” said Mr Nye.

It takes just seconds of not paying attention or rushing for your Christmas holiday to end in tragedy. TrackSAFE is appealing to all people this Christmas break to obey the rules, remain vigilant and to be patient when approaching level crossings.

“Do not let a short cut; cut your life short this Christmas,” said Mr Nye.

There are around 1000 near hits and 80 collisions every year at level crossings where road users fail to obey the road rules. There are around 35 deaths annually on the Australian rail network resulting from level crossing and trespass incidents, with each incident deeply affecting train drivers and rail staff. 

“Each near hit and collision has a profoundly traumatic and lasting impact on the train driver and crew involved,” Mr Nye continued.

“TrackSAFE is encouraging Australians to also spare a thought for these innocent victims who, just like you, want to get home safely to their families this Christmas.

“TrackSAFE wishes all Australians a safe and happy holiday season and looks forward to continuing its mission next year to keep everyone safe near trains and tracks” Mr Nye concluded.