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TrackSAFE urges Australians to Vote 1: Suicide Prevention

Today the TrackSAFE Foundation welcomes World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) and implores all Australians to ‘Vote 1: Suicide Prevention.’

Rail suicide has a profound and lasting impact on train drivers and other rail employees impacted as well as the greater community. TrackSAFE welcomes any initiative that addresses the often unspoken and taboo issue of suicide in Australia.

In light of the Federal election, Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) is encouraging Australian’s to Vote 1: Suicide Prevention, with a goal to halve suicide in Australia by 2023.

TrackSAFE Patron and Former Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer AC, congratulated SPA on this impressive approach saying it was refreshing to see this new campaign put the spotlight on the issue of suicide prevention amongst all the other political campaigning that has been circling Australian’s in the lead up to the election.

“Suicide is one of the biggest issues Australia, in particular the rail industry, is facing with around 100-150 people dying by rail suicide every year in Australia and an additional 1,000 people attempting to take their lives via rail, many ending up with horrific injuries,” said Mr Fischer.

“Rail suicide is unique in that it is one of the only methods that directly engages another person to undertake the actual act – the train driver.

“Near collisions, incidents and fatalities lead to profound and lasting emotional, mental and physical trauma for the train drivers and other rail employees involved, with many drivers experiencing a fatality during the course of their career and too many not being able to return to work,” Mr Fischer continued.

“TrackSAFE was established to address suicide on rail and the impact these incidents have on rail employees. It is of course part of the broader suicide prevention work that SPA and other key organisations undertake.

“We urge both political parties to take note of this campaign and join the National Coalition for Suicide Prevention, demonstrating that this is an issue that the government takes seriously and to assist SPA and others with their important vision of a world without suicide,” Mr Fischer concluded.

This WSPD, take the time to learn about suicide, recognise the signs and help make sure that all Australians know that there are ways to get and to give help:

Call....a friend to offer help or ask for help

Chat...everyone likes a chat. Let people know you care

Connect...don’t like the phone or personal chat? Connect online

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