1 – 24 June 2022

Join the rail community & push for better mental health

The Push-Up Challenge is a fun and easy way to continue the R U OK? conversation, improve your physical and mental fitness, connect & encourage a positive team spirit.

The event started in 2017 with 4 mates completing push-ups to improve their fitness & keep connected. 3,139 push-ups represents the number of Australians who died by suicide in 2020.

In 2021, 174,000 people took part in over 20,000 teams, completing 240 million push-ups, raising $9M for mental health organisations & services.

The target is 3,139 push-ups over the period 1 – 24 June, with the target number each day varying to reflect a different mental health statistic. You record & track your push-ups on a phone app or the website.

If 3,139 seems too much, you can set a target of 25%, 50% or 75% (2,354 or an average of 112 per day). If push-ups aren’t your thing you can do sit ups, squats, lunges (or a combo of them all).

How it works – Register today for 2022

Registering is easy, simply fill out a few details on the registration form where you can register as an individual, create a team, or join an existing team. It’s simple. And it’s free. 

Create a team

Interested in joining as a team? Taking part in a team environment can work wonders for motivation and who doesn’t like a bit of healthy competition. Most people take on the challenge as an individual target, but you can also work towards the target together. It’s also a great activity to connect with workmates after Rail R U OK?Day, and keep the conversation going.

Invite people to your team

A team of 1 really isn’t a team is it? Simply share the link of your page with people you know via email, facebook or whatever people use these days. The more the merrier. If you’re a super recruiter, you could set you up in your own Community.

Join our Rail & TrackSAFE Community

A Community is a collection of teams which sits under the same umbrella and is great for connecting with your crew, building comradery and a little bit of friendly competition. TrackSAFE has established a ‘Rail & TrackSAFE Community’ as a hub to track the rail industry’s collective progress, with an option to also raise funds for our partner, Lifeline. To be part of this Community, you need to be in a Team, join an existing Team or create your own.

How to register

  1. Follow this link, where you will be prompted to register as an individual.
  2. Set up (or choose) your team and select to be part of the ‘Rail & TrackSAFE Community’
  3. Promote to your colleagues, friends and family – and encourage them to join your team or make a donation.


The Push-Up Challenge has a stack of tools and promotional resources to encourage participation within your workplace including posters, social media tiles, presentations and videos. Also checkout the Training Guides and Toolkits here – lots of great info to get you started and keep you and your team tracking.

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