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Mental Health First Aid

TrackSAFE undertakes a number of trauma support initiatives –such as Rail R U OK?Day, trauma training, hosting of rail industry trauma support forums and offering RailRes, the rail industry’s trauma support app – all with the intention of creating a working environment of inclusiveness and care. 

In addition to this, The TrackSAFE Foundation offers rail industry organisations accredited and internationally recognised Mental Health First Aid training.

 Appointing Mental Health First Aid Officers in your workplace is a positive way to demonstrate that your organisation cares about individual well-being. Mental Health First Aid Officers are trained to provide initial informal support to other employees in the workplace, outside of Human Resources and Workplace Health & Safety departments. They can complement Rail RUOK? Day activities and formal support services, such as Employee Assistance Programs. 

Download TrackSAFE's Mental Health First Aid Brochure.

TrackSAFE is currently taking 2021 course bookings. To request a quote please contact or call Heather Neil on 0413 117 996.