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Rail Safety Week initiative reminds us to watch for trains at level crossings

Published Aug 07, 2019

Excitement is mounting as national harm prevention charity, the TrackSAFE Foundation, is gearing up to launch Rail Safety Week across Australia and New Zealand 12 – 18 August. The community awareness week centres on public events, safety campaigns and educational outreach which aims to send reminders to motorists, truck drivers, pedestrians and commuters to take extra care around level crossings and tracks.

The damage caused by a single level crossing incident between a train and a heavy vehicle has been, and will continue to be, the single most costly incident in terms of potential loss of life and economic impact for the rail industry.

Australia's rail network is the sixth largest in the world, with 44,000km of track and 23,500 level crossings across the network. There are sadly hundreds of collisions between pedestrians or vehicles with trains at level crossings resulting in death or serious injury every year.

Level crossing safety is one of the rail industry’s highest priorities. TrackSAFE strives to see major infrastructure improvements, along with behavioural changes when it comes to level crossing safety. Every near hit and collision at a level crossing, or on the rail network, can cause severe and lasting trauma for train drivers and other rail employees involved.

This is why the TrackSAFE Foundation exists; working to make a significant difference in the number of incidents on the rail network and the resultant trauma for rail employees. Not only is the Foundation concerned with level crossing and track safety, but trauma management and rail suicide prevention. TrackSAFE aims to create a better workplace for rail employees by increasing the level of best practice trauma support and fostering a culture of inclusiveness and care.

Save the date in your calendars – Rail Safety Week will kick off 12 August.

While TrackSAFE does its bit in the area of rail safety, ultimately staying safe on the rail network is up to all of us in the community. Please spread the message that Rail Safety Week is coming and think about how you can personally improve safety and lower risk at level crossings and around tracks to avoid preventable incidents from occurring.

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