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International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD)

Published Jun 06, 2019
The TrackSAFE Foundation in Australia is once again proud to celebrate ILCAD

The TrackSAFE Foundation in Australia is once again proud to join in the annual celebrations for International Level Crossing Awareness Day (ILCAD) in June.

Since the last ILCAD the TrackSAFE Foundation hosted a Level Crossing Safety Forum for Australian and New Zealand delegates. Over 90 participants from rail, government, police, road user groups, representative/research bodies and the national regulator come together to address level crossing safety. The format included robust panel discussions on the most innovative ways to address level crossing safety in Australia and New Zealand, as well as presentations identifying common issues and trends.

A key message emerging from the Forum was the fact that ‘collaboration’ is one of the biggest factors which contributes to the progression of level crossing safety. Collaboration fuels development, improves communication and takes level crossing safety to new heights.

TrackSAFE continuously strives to ensure transport, government and other key groups have opportunities to collaborate on level crossing safety to keep it high on the priority list.

Similarly, collaboration is what underpins ILCAD and contributes to its success; more than 40 countries join together each year to create a world-wide campaign raising awareness of the importance of level crossing safety. TrackSAFE joins many international voices in this space calling on pedestrians, motorists and cyclists all around the world to remember that a split second decision by a distracted or impatient person not to wait for a train could have tragic consequences. Not only for them, but the lives of others including their families, innocent bystanders, the train driver and other rail staff.

The TrackSAFE Foundation congratulates ILCAD on celebrating its 11th consecutive level crossing awareness day in 2019,” said Naomi Frauenfelder, Executive Director TrackSAFE Foundation.