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Brookfield Rail drives rail safety education in regional WA

Published Dec 11, 2014

Brookfield Rail is the manager and operator of around 5,500 kilometres of open access, multi-user rail freight network extending throughout the southern half of Western Australia and is committed to driving the rail safety agenda in regional communities.

As the sole operator of the freight rail network, Brookfield Rail is committed to not only safely maintaining and developing its network, but ensuring the safety of the communities that surround it.

With a network that spans almost half the State and interacts with countless regional and remote communities, there are a number of challenges and issues that are unique to Brookfield Rail’s network area.

Stepping up as the driver of rail safety education in regional Western Australia in recent years, Brookfield Rail has taken a grass roots approach to combatting the issue, connecting directly with people in regional communities to discuss the issues that matter most to them.

Some of the company’s recent initiatives include regional school visits during Rail Safety Week, community partnerships which assist in delivering rail safety education resources to schools and community groups, and participation in preeminent community shows and events.

Earlier this year Brookfield Rail launched its innovative Track Splat! campaign in an effort to increase awareness of the vital importance of rail safety across the State’s regional communities.

Aimed at increasing awareness amongst children and parents of rail safety issues, Brookfield Rail worked with students in regional towns to create three fictional characters –Jack, Scout and Albie – who have been brought to life in an interactive online game called Track Splat!

Supported by extensive communications activities both across digital and traditional platforms, the game communicates and reinforces key rail safety messages, showing the consequences of correct and incorrect behaviour. 

Developed by students from regional communities, the characters have instantly become the face of rail safety education in regional Western Australia.

Going forward Brookfield Rail remains committed to continuing to proactively educate youth and the wider community on the importance of safe behaviours around the rail network in regional Western Australia.

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