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Stories Of Inspiration

Read and share these stories of inspiration about how a chat transformed the journey of these workmates.

How to help a workmate weather the storm

Have you noticed a workmate is behaving differently? Or doesn’t seem 100 per cent? Don’t ignore these signs. Instead, be a workmate’s mate – like Barry Roughley – and help them talk about what’s going on. Photo: Barry Roughley

Why we ride life’s rollercoaster together

Annual Relief Station Officer Jamie Robertson knows first-hand the difference workmates can make when the chips are down. Photo: Jamie Robertson

Why workplace conversations matter: Keeping each other on track

Senior Transit Officer Sue Jervis and Transit Officer Chantelle Webster believe checking in with your workmates makes the workplace safer. Photo:
Sue Jervis and Chantelle Webster

How roster shuffling, dog walks and lots of text messaging changed a workmate’s day

Mt Victoria train driver Tim Layton’s work plans came to a screeching halt when his wife was rushed from the airport to hospital, recently. Thanks to the can-do attitude of his boss and work mates, Tim was able to do what he needed to do. Photo: Tim Layton

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